Lee Ann Womack and Patti Griffin

Lee Ann Womack live!

I sit quietly in a 19th century gothic revival theater in a poppin' area of Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston Music Hall has come to be a movie and music lovers "safe place" to listen, study and breathe in the essence of different genres of the arts.


I carefully clutch my Westbrook IPA tightly as I await the famous yet mildly unfamiliar sounds of Lee Ann Womack. Known for such popular hits as "I Hope You Dance" and "I May Hate Myself in the Morning".


She has returned majestically to us with her latest album "The Way I'm Livin" and a tour that provided us folk fans with an acoustic night with the sinewy sans pareil, Patti Griffin. The stage lined with strings of all sorts had me buzzed just waiting to hear the sound that will herald in their accompaniment. 



Womack opens her mouth and hand on Bible- the skies divided and an angel appeared on stage. I barely made it through "Chances Are" without having to excuse myself. With a soaked cocktail napkin in hand glittered with my tears and mascara I became increasingly happy of the solitude this particular venue has the essence of bringing.


Plowing through some of her oldies and of course introducing some of us to her newer cuts- I was practically faceless by the end of "Never Again-Again." As most music lovers know hearing a vocalist on an album and hearing a vocalist accoustically are two totally different sounds.



Womack paralyzed me with her veriloquent vocal timbres. Nothing I have ever heard sounded so smooth and unstrained. I wouldn't have been surprised if butterflies flew out of her mouth.


Just as I was in recovery mode from the upbeat battle cry of "The Way That I'm Livin", Womack went and did it- she finallied with "I Hope You Dance." I like to think of myself as securely sensitive, but this was a game changer for me.



Being one of her most renown songs and invariably sung at some estrogen charged rite of passage- it was still good. It was great. It was life changing. I hope if you were present you soaked in the luxury of this alluring acoustic set. But most of all, I hope you danced.


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