The LBD's Been Redefined

Meet Society Street's Little Black Dress—the new kid on Charleston's retail block. See some of the knockout frocks shown recently at their fall fashion show at Republic & hear what else they offer


Behind the scenes… models off duty!


Every woman is familiar with the LBD! We just speak that language. The good news is that we now have a specialty store on Society Street of the same name! 


Little Black Dress is the new kid on the retail block and offers a sea of party dresses in a city that loves a good social gathering! It was the owner, Carrie Turco, who first reached out to me to invite me to the Fall Collection Fashion Show held at the Republic Garden & Lounge. So I decided to pay her a visit at the store and get a preview of what she would be showing.


For starters, this was no ordinary rack I was sifting through. Intricately beaded and sequined cocktail dresses with clean forms and flattering lines, full-length gowns with strategic cutouts, and, of course, little black dresses with subtle leather details and paneling surfaced one after another. There was some over-the-top flash, but when you are walking into the party, these are the head-turning frocks you want to be snapped in. Very paparazzi ready and Red Carpet worthy. So my curiosity was at an all time high and I decided to grab a moment to chat with Carrie who was dressed like the poster child of the dress shop! She was wearing, naturally, a little black dress, statement neck candy and white pumps. High-glamour at high noon!


Here’s what she had to say…


« Why the Little Black Dress in Charleston?

I thought we were lacking a special occasion dress shop. That’s kind of where I jumped on and felt this is what we need—we have a lot of events here. I remember about five years ago when I really needed one… I couldn’t find a dress. I wanted one with the edgy gaudy flashy feel… and that is what I kind of wanted the store to be like. Very… Wow! I love sequins and things but I also like a very structured dress. So we try to mix the two!



« Who do you see wearing your dresses?

All different ages! We cater to everyone from the 18 year old to the mother of the bride. I even have dresses that have built-in shapewear for different body types. In fact, that’s our biggest seller. We offer over 70 options.


« Do you have a fashion background?

Yes! My Grandmom lived in France and was one of the first people to wear a Chanel suit. She really ushered fashion into our family! We would go to New York Fashion Week. We always had respect for fashion!


« Who would you love to dress for the Red Carpet?

Charlize Theron. She is very classy!



« Why a runway show for fall?

I wanted people to see what we are all about. We have evening wear and cocktail but we also have daywear. We have a dress for every occasion!




« Why Republic?

I just love Republic! I love the venue… it really speaks to me. It reminds me of my Northern roots!



« What’s next?

We are a sponsor for the Great Gatsby-themed Red Party! It benefits the American College of the Building Arts. We have a well dressed surprise in store!


Want to know more? Visit the Little Black Dress online!


Runway photos by Tag Your Pix.