Keep It Gangsta

Ayoka Lucas tells us how dance instructor Angel Roberts and her Peace Love Hip Hop dance studios are giving all ages a place to learn how to Twerk out some of their best moves.


If I told you there is a place where grandma, mother, and daughter could work out and dance together, would you believe that place would be a hip hop class? Well, I tell you, this very thing is happening three nights a week at Peace Love Hip Hop on Daniel Island and Downtown Charleston. This movement is the brainchild of former "That 70’s Show" costume designer, Angel Roberts.

I, for one, am part of this cult following that wants to not only move like Roberts, but to also rock the gear she does. It’s amazing to see a class full of women and men of all ages wearing harem pants, hip hop slogans and Dunks! Roberts loves her students, and they worship her.

She removes all the intimidation, and makes sure everyone is picking up the choreography without using anyone’s dancing faux pas as an example. Each week the song changes, and you learn a full routine which makes you feel like a total video vixen. Even though I stick to my position, which is in the back of the room, I feel like I’m having a B-girl Flashdance moment every time. Roberts doesn’t hesitate to tell you to do "hip hop" hands as opposed to "jazz" hands, or to "baby twerk" and to keep it "gangsta." When you nail it, she is quick to say "YEAH, that was nasty!" and before long, you are doing things you never thought you could do, like, breaker moves, floor work, and fancy footwork. She makes you want to live this hip hop life, but she always drives home the positive message of healthy mind and body!

Over the years, "Peace Love Hip Hop" has grown rapidly. Turns out a little booty dropping is what people want! Classes are held in the evenings on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday!  She also offers camps, kid's classes and advanced hip hop dance classes. As of late, Roberts has been traveling every weekend, working and teaching with the best! Good thing for us, because she never fails to bring it all back to her students and push us all to the next level.

So what’s the real formula here? It’s love! This is what Roberts gives to everyone that steps into Hip Hop Headquarters and who crosses her path in general. I recently announced to the Twitter-verse that my new Dunks had arrived, as inspired by Roberts, and her response was, "They look awesome! Can’t wait for you to come and break them in!"