Kat Robichaud Waters Her Southern Roots At DELUGE

Kat Robichaud performed among the glitz and glamour of Hollywood as a top ten finalist on NBC's The Voice, but her August 31 performance at DELUGE promises to be a wet and wild bash more her style.

Millions recognize Kat Robichaud from her top ten finish on NBC’s The Voice, but for many who will see her headline DELUGE on August 31, her face is familiar for a different reason. “Charleston is a beautiful city and I love playing there” says Robichaud (row-bee-show, for the phonetically curious). “My band would play there at least once a month for seven to eight years, so I know Charleston very well.”





The Raleigh native is no stranger to the south; the good and the bad. “As much as I love the south, it became too hard to…” she deliberated, “I’ve been trying to be successful with rock music and it was hard because that’s not really the scene there. There’s a lot more country and Americana. I tried. When you’re a touring band and you need other rock and roll artists to go on tour and support you, there just aren’t any. It was so hard to find that! So I made the decision to move."


Despite the move, however, Robichaud’s old proving grounds are never far away. After her stint on The Voice, fans donated more than two times the $20,000 goal she set for her debut album. Production began where Kat’s career did: North Carolina. “We recorded [the album] at Manifold, which is a beautiful studio space. My producer is in North Carolina as well, so we’ve just been Skyping and spending very late nights and it’s been all across the country working,” she said. Last week marked the final round of mastering. “It sounds amazing. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in an album. The support has just been incredible and I just cannot wait to get it out there.” Fans at DELUGE will get a sneak peek at the album before it’s released. “We’re going to play my new album in full. Then we’re going to play a lot of popular covers that people can dance and rock out to… some of my favorite covers… When you do cover music it’s like being the little girl in the mirror with the hairbrush. You get to do that and there’s some nostalgia to it. It’s just going to be fun. It’s just going to be a fun show. Very upbeat. Everybody’s going to have a good time.” 





Fun will be the mot du jour for DELUGE attendees. According to Event Producer, Rebecca Gosnell, "No one in their right mind would turn out for an outdoor concert in August, unless of course it was under a deluge of water. So we will be pumping 300,000 gallons over the stadium seats, down from the second floor roof and the sprinkler system on the ball field will be redirected into the stands.” Guests are also encouraged to arm themselves with water blasters and take advantage of “refueling stations” scattered throughout the stadium to maintain optimum hydration. The Joe promises to have enough water to make Atlantis jealous. Or, recently, the intersection of Rutledge & Sheppard streets during a thunderstorm."


For Gosnell, it’s not just about the concert, but a good cause. Funds raised will go toward Windwood Farm & Family Services, a local outfit dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Their residential program has helped heal the effects of trauma, abuse, neglect and physical cruelty for over 500 boys since their inception in 1985. Through the love, therapy, guidance and support offered at Windwood Farm, young men’s lives are changed and bright futures are made possible.


Headlining a lineup that includes Charleston locals Dead 27's, South Street and The Royal Tinfoil, Robichaud, along with her band The Darling Misfits, is excited to rock the Lowcountry once again. “I’ve really missed playing Charleston,” she opines. “I’ve actually had a lot of offers to play these type shows and I’m flying all the way from San Francisco to play this one show and the reason I said yes to this was because I just love playing Charleston and was excited to get to come back and do that.


DELUGE begins at 3:00 PM August 31 at Joe Riley Stadium. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 on the day of. Click here to purchase.

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