How Rose Marie Swift Has Changed the Make-Up Game

Come and see how RMS Beauty is changing how we think of make-up! Learn how you can mix skin care and pigment into one beautiful product.

For those of y’all who wear and love make up out there, we all have one end goal: to look like the best versions of ourselves. All of us, including myself, do research on brands and somehow get caught in a YouTube rabbit hole, eventually landing on the 16th version of how to create the perfect fall purple smokey eye. Last night I attended the launch of the newest collection of RMS Beauty’s fall ethereal collection. After spending some time with owner Rose Marie, I was fully converted to her brand. Here’s why!


Rose Marie has been a makeup artist for over 30 years. In that time she has worked with all of the biggest names in the industry, like Vogue, Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, and many more. Over time, she noticed her health declining. A blood test showed that she had toxic levels of metals in her system. She knew that it was from the conventional make-up we all have known and loved. She then set out to create a brand choice for makeup lovers that was free from toxins. This can not only be seen in the makeup itself but the packaging as well. Most of her line is housed in glass pots that bring us all back to a time of vintage make-up in its rouge pots.



After playing around with her collection, what makes hers stand out from the others is not only the incredible formula and creamy consistency, but that almost every shade and product can be mixed and matched with others. You can create new colors as well as apply them to different areas of the face. She refers to them as watercolors for the face, and they truly are. You can dial up or down the level of pigment and they meld into the skin, showcasing the natural beauty we all have. Rose Marie herself states that her line is “skin care with mineral color.”



Along with the launch of the newest collection from RMS Beauty, international clothing brand, Club Monaco, also has debuted its fall collection. Any item from their store will pair beautifully with Rose Marie’s products.


Looking to try out RMS Beauty? Be sure to head to Club Monaco on King Street for their pop-up event this weekend! Friday, September 29th through October 1st, from 1pm to 6pm you can shop the newest collection of both RMS Beauty and Club Monaco.


Can’t make the pop-up? Not a problem! RMS Beauty is based here in Charleston and products can be found in many local stores as well as internationally.