Hot Asphalt = Hot Heads?

The heat seems to bring out the crazy, including my own. Here's what gets my blood boiling on the Crosstown, in passing cars, and all over town...

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So I think we can all agree that there is always a certain point in the summer where people start to go kinda crazy. My theory is that it’s the heat and in our case here locally, probably also the rain. I’ve noticed different circumstances where this theory seems to be revealing itself, but one of the most obvious places is on the road. There are plenty of commonly known trouble spots around town, but it occurred to me the other day that things really seem to be heating up, and not in a good way.


ABC News 4


I have noted a few of my own personal points of frustration and I’m curious if you guys feel the same, or have different triggers for your own driving fury. Here are a couple of mine:


1. People trying to turn left on the Crosstown. Not only is it very illegal, it is also very dangerous and very annoying, as it takes next to nothing to bring that thoroughfare to a screeching halt. I admit, if I see someone doing this, I place one hand on the horn, press firmly…and leave it there. Yes, that is me sitting on the horn two cars behind you while the person in front tries to turn left. I’m not sounding off at you—I’m trying to help you, shall we say, encourage,  the individual in the front who is screwing up the works to understand that what they are trying to do is basically jacking up all of us. Feel free to sit on your horn as well... solidarity y’all!


2. Constant braking on Hwy 17, in all parts of town. There is this amazing way to slow down some and that is by merely taking your foot off of the brake. Yes, you may need to actually use the brake some as well, but it’s incredible how your forward momentum can decrease by simply not doing anything. Those of us behind you are so appreciative to not be brakebrakebraking all the way down Savannah Highway and so are our wallets as those brake pads don’t just grow on trees. The VERY best way to make this work for you is to not ride the bumper of the car ahead. If there are forty cars in front of you, the odds of your tailgating improving the situation are about zero—just think about it, they got nowhere to go. Except to court when you rear end them.




3. Dudes who rage at moms, especially with kids nearby. I am going to give these guys the benefit of the doubt and just assume they don’t know what it makes a mom want to do when they act in some kind of threatening manner around their children. Here’s a tip: there isn’t a mom out there who wouldn’t hesitate to step over your cold dead corpse if it meant keeping her cubs safe. When a guy screams at me in stopped traffic, it totally elicits the fight-or-flight response. The adrenaline kicks in and the only thing going through my head is “Get away from my children. Get. Away. From. My. Children.” And since flight isn’t really an option, you get the idea. I’m pretty sure I start looking like Wolverine and I damn sure start feeling like him.


Now, I am certainly not a perfect driver, and also admit that I am sort of nuts, so maybe I’m being unreasonable. Or maybe I’m not alone. So tell me—what are y’alls traffic peeves? You guys have any particular driving hot spots? Any other moms have this experience?