Hidden F&B: Scott Hansen

An entrepreneur with a passion for beer, the environment and his wife's cooking visits our culinary podcast.
Scott Hansen


By Helen Mitternight


"My wife has developed this series where she cooks with all our products, Homefed, and she’s a great cook!" — Hansen on his preference for eating in versus dining out.


Scott Hansen has turned his beer business,Island Brands USA,into an Inc 5000 company, but he really wants to be sure to protect the environment so he can continue to surf and race on the ocean.


Scott’s take


In my refrigerator (three things)

Island Coastal Lager, a really good cheese like a Triple Crème or a Brie, and really good leftovers from whatever my wife made.


In my pantry (three things)

We love Cholula, so hot sauce. Granola bars that I will eat in the mornings, and my mother-in-law makes sure we always have her cookies.


Comfort food

That’s easy. Spaghetti and meatballs. My wife learned to make it from my grandmother’s recipe.


Favorite smell

The red sauce going into that spaghetti and meatballs!


Favorite drink

I love a really nice cold Island Active, it’s our light beer. I can drink one in like three gulps!


Number of hours you work a week

Lately, it’s been between 60-70 hours.


Eat in or dine out

Eat in. My wife has developed this series where she cooks with all our products,Homefed,and she’s a great cook!


Best advice a mentor gave you

Success unshared is failure. It was from JohnPaul deJoria, my mentor. He started Paul Mitchell Systems and Patron Tequila.


What’s next

We have a line of spirits coming out, Island Coastal Rum and Tequila, and we’re going to have ready-to-drink cocktails.


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