A Guy's Guide to Buying a Tote Bag

Whether you're a student, a techie, a creative, or a businessman, chances are you've got a lot of crap to carry around from day to day. Here's a roundup of the best bags out there to do so in style

For those living in the city, it’s very normal for a person to leave their home 

around 8 a.m. and not return until late that evening (or so I've heard). This is not because they dislike the comfort of their own home, but because it’s just too inconvenient and time-consuming to go back and forth. With that being said, owning a bag that can hold all of your daily necessities is a very valuable thing. But all bags are not created equal...


Different styles of bags are tailored for each individual, depending on one's profession and lifestyle. If you're in the market for a bag that will suit your daily routine, take a look through this quick guide, identify in which category you fall, then see which bag you should carry.


For the Student

Herschel Supply Co., $70

Herschel Supply Co. has been around for less than five years but they've already garnered quite a following. This is one of their top selling models. Constructed of tough canvas with leather on the bottom for durability, this bag will hold all your books easily and still leave room for a few other items to get you through the day. With a price point coming in well beneath a Benjamin, it's a smart buy for an undergrad with little to no income, and despite the affordable price, its durable build should last you until you get your master's. Who knows, it may even get your son through high school. 


For the Techie

MacBook? Check. External hard drive? Check. Mobile hotspot? Check. Small satellite? Check. The daily gear for a techie can be both massive and fragile at the same time. You can’t put your expensive electronics in just any bag. This one by Fjallraven (pronounced fee-all-ra-ven and Swedish for"arctic fox"), was actually invented by 14-year-old Swedish backpacker Ake Nordin. Backpackers have lots of heavy gear to carry around that would cause their bags to sag, which, in turn, would lead to an immense amount of back pain. To remedy that, Nordin constructed a bag partially framed with wood, preventing it from sagging. Fast forward to the age of laptops, and the company added a new line specifically to hold a laptop of up to 17'' with enough room to start a mobile data center. Your precious cargo is sure to be kept safe and secure. 



For the Creative

If your profession lies in the world of creativity, then you most likely have lots of supplies that 

you need to carry around every day. Totes are perfect for that kind of thing. This half camo/

half electric orange concoction from Jack Spade is glorious choice. The orange section is made 

from Cordura—a military-grade fabric that is resistant to tears and scuffs—so this baby 

will last. Artists need sketchpads, pencils, brushes, and maybe even a camera for when they 

pass something that strikes them as interesting and inspirational. Cooks need a bag to stow their 

daily picks from the market—all those fresh herbs and produce will fit neatly in this bag. Just 

be careful with the meat and make sure that it’s double wrapped... Blood stains can be tough to 




For the Office Guy

Thom Browne, $2,950


When it comes to luxury goods, Thom Browne is one of the best. This "Doctor's" bag is put 

together with the finest calf skin leather, and made complete with an oxford cloth lining in 

Mr. Browne's signature red, white, and blue stripes. There's a generous amount of space inside 

this bag, with enough room to carry however many files or documents you need to close the 

deal, along with a box of cigars to celebrate with afterwards. A bag like this will give you the 

confidence to walk into the boardroom like you own the place. Because let’s face it, if you can 

afford this bag, your name is probably on the front door already. 


So there you have it. A brief glance at what you should be carrying around to ensure that your daily necessities are transported in style. Just make sure that the bag you choose is an extension of you. It's a functional accessory that should flow with your look. Otherwise, you'll just end up looking like a try-hard, which will forver be considered an epic fail.