Gia Designs: Self Expression Through Homemade Jewelry

Virginia Murray finds making and creating jewelry to be much more than a business. In her new jewelry line, Gia Designs, Virginia shares her latest creations with everyone on her Instagram handle @gia.designs. Raised in Beaufort, SC, many of her pieces are beach-inspired. Read more about Virginia's story and how she expresses herself through her work!


Many young jewelry makers have taken a similar route as Virginia when it comes to direct consumer sales through social media. However, Virginia's story is unique. She tells Charleston Grit all about her joy through sharing her creations publicly.


Virginia says, "Handmade jewelry has always been something that I've had an interest in. I can't say I ever thought I'd be the one making it, though. Over the past year and a half I have tried to consciously push myself out of my comfort zone. I have made a lot of changes in my life, and a positive, enjoyable way to spend my time (ideally creating) was something I was looking for.

I've always been in to painting and drawing; I took up crochet and knitting; while I enjoy all of those forms of self expression, none gave me quite the satisfaction that making jewelry does. It's therapeutic for me.

It's something I can do while planning to conquer the world, or thinking of nothing at all; with an end result of this cute physical thing that can be worn!

So, I went out on a whim and decided to give it shot. In my head, the worst case scenario was spending money on supplies, making jewelry, and then being stuck with all this jewelry to wear. A worst case scenario that I decided I was okay with. I made an Instagram page where I write captions for the photos I take of my jewelry.


I try to make sure everything is in a reasonable price range in which I, a 21 year old college student, could afford. It would be incredible to make back the money I've invested in my supplies, but that isn't my goal. Truth be told I'll keep making jewelry whether it continues to sell or not.

Success is a small achievement in comparison to the fulfillment of doing something you love. My goal in this is to give people reasonably priced jewelry; jewelry I love making that they feel confident in.


I get inspiration from many places. Recently I went to the beach for a family vacation and have since been wanting to make all shell everything, but I would have to say I get the majority of my inspiration from my much cooler, younger sisters Evie and Sophie. They give me ideas, critique my pieces, wear/promote my jewelry, and (willingly) accompany me to craft stores as I geek out over beads. They are my favorite people to photograph wearing my designs. Basically, Gia would be nothing without them. I contribute a lot of my excitement, drive and enjoyment to them and their support.


I grew up in Beaufort, South Carolina, and have many childhood memories of day spent wandering around Charleston. I am ecstatic for my first feature to be in a town I have so many positive memories in."

Personally, I have three pieces from Gia and haven't really taken them off since they came in the mail! Virginia always has sales and custom order options at her instagram: @gia.designs