Facing Up to Chucktown’s Top 3 Facial Insecurities

Blogger Helen Mitternight explores how we mask our least favorite physical traits.


Do we ever show our true faces in a relationship?


The Halloween masks have come off, but we’re left with the masks we wear each day to cover up what we dislike about ourselves.


The nonprofit Jubilee Project recently asked people what one thing they would change about their bodies.


While the children wanted a mermaid’s tail or a shark’s mouth, the adults in the video wanted smaller ears or forehead. A big one for the adults was “skin,” and that coincides with what makes Charleston's young lovelies insecure.


I talked with Jamie Biering, the lead aesthetician at the Cos Bar, and Sara Nicole Massraf, a makeup artist at Blue Mercury, for their take on what Charleston women want to disguise.


Apparently, we all want to be ready for our close-up in Charleston.


“There’s so much pressure from social media to have a full face on and to be perfect,” Massraf says.


Here’s what we’re worried about:


1. Skin—Blemishes, acne, hyper-pigmentation (you know, spots), large pores, and even wrinkles. We all want even, dewy skin, stat! 


“I would say skin is numbers one AND two,” Massraf says.


2. Eyebrows—They’re too thin, too bushy, or just shaped funny. Fix them, please!


3.Lashes and Eyes—We want our lashes long and lustrous and our eyes wide.


“No one comes in and says, ‘I have small, deep-set eyes.' They always ask for the end result,” Biering says. “They always say, ‘Can you make my eyes bigger?’”


“We get a lot of makeup virgins. They’re looking for an all-in-one product. They don’t want to do a lot, but they want a lot of results. They all want to look like they aren’t wearing makeup, even if they are,” Biering says.


“You never dream about yourself with a bare face,” Massraf adds. “When you think about yourself in dreams, you always have makeup on. In dreams, you are your most beautiful. And people here (in Charleston) are very good looking.”


Well, at least once we fix our skin, eyebrows, and lashes.