DIY Spiky Ball

Sea Urchin Ball


I purchased a metal, spiky, sea urchin-like ball at a home goods store a few years ago and I realized it’s so easy to make! The ball I have is a half sea urchin that is so cute on a wall or on a stack of books but I wanted a larger version without the cost. Some stores charge closer to $150 for these little guys. See my step-by-step below. I hope you're happy with yours as much as I am! 


What you will need:
Wooden skewers (I ended up using two packs)
Styrofoam balls
Spray paint (Several Photographed, Gold Used)
Super glue or hot glue
Mod Podge (Not needed but helpful)
Paint Brush


Step 1: 

Mod Podge your Styrofoam ball (Optional) I did this because the Styrofoam ball was porous so I wanted the ball to not flake once I put in the skewers.



Step 2: 

Mark half of the ball with your Sharpie. I used a rubber band to help get a straight line and then marked the other half of the ball creating quarters. 



Step 3: 

Then following the lines on your ball place skewers one finger with apart then continue all the way around. After you’ve placed a row glue in place with either super glue or hot glue, make sure the hot glue cools a bit so that it does not melt the Styrofoam.



Step 4:     

Alternating between the spaces you created earlier fill in one-half of the Styrofoam ball. 



Step 5: 

Repeat on the other half of the ball.



Step 6:     

Spray paint in the desired color, let dry.



Step 7:     

When done place in your desired area and enjoy your chic new tchotchke!