In the Cupboard with Cleese

Looking for that elusive creative muse? This writer muses on pantry moths, creativity and a little Monte Python


Thanks to an infestation of pantry moths—determined little buggers that have cozied up and made themselves quite at home in about every possible nook and cranny in our cupboards—I spent a large chunk of an otherwise gorgeous Sunday afternoon clearing out cans, wiping down shelves, throwing out boxes of tea from the last century (1998!). In other words, creating space. And listening to podcasts while inventorying kidney beans (3 cans: 2 dark red, one light red=chili tonite!).

To celebrate a newly cleaned out cupboard, I'm sharing this fabulous lecture by John Cleese on creativity. On creating space, and time, and "openness" to let the imagination do its thing, which of course is what weekends should be for. Cleese nails it, in his brilliant Brit cheekiness.  

Ironically, I wrote about the damned pantry moths as metaphor for the muse in this essay months ago. Cleese's words came back to haunt me, and encourage me, as I wiped away moth carcasses and tossed wormy bags of pancake mix. Enjoy. (Bonus: brush up on your German via the subtitles!)