Connect, Inspire, Rock Your Very Foundation: TEDx 2014

The TEDx organizers want you! The rabblerousers, the wise souls, the get-up-and-go sorts with ideas worth sharing. Here's more, including the 2014 date & the NEW speaker application deadline

From Fabian Oefner's TED talk, Psychedelic Science


There's nothing so moving as a good, solid TED talk. Really... ever gotten sucked into the videos online? Or did you go last year, to TEDx Charleston?


Here's the thing about these talks: each of them come from somewhere, and that's what makes them different. Different from potboiler motivational quotes plastered along the halls of the office, the stack of trivial psycho-babble in the self-help section of the book store. The fire the speakers light under their audiences comes from their own backgrounds, their own lessons, their own experiences. And to be able to absorb this wisdom in your own community, apply it to your own community? Now then, that's the wisest move of them all.  


Here's what's happening now: TEDx is looking for speakers for the 2014 conference—to be held April 8 at Memminger Auditorium—and has even extended the deadline for speaker applications through November 3.


Know anyone who ought to get involved? The kind of person who connects, who inspires, who rocks the foundation we walk on everyday? Who has the life lessons to back it up? Chances are you do, and TEDx Charleston wants to hear from them. They've announced the theme of their 2014 conference as “Ripple Effect,” and folks, they're definitely looking for the rabblerousers, the wise souls, the get-up-and-go sorts who have "a lasting, growing impact in areas such as the environment, education, parenting, philanthropy, technology, arts, food, fashion, healthcare and more," say organizers.


Here's more: “We are actively looking for change agents that can share with our TEDxCharleston audience ideas having a profound and ever-expanding impact. Even the smallest ideas and actions can have exponential impact on our community and our world, so we look forward to hearing what unheard voices in the Lowcountry have to say,” says Edith Howle, curator of TEDxCharleston.  “If you know people who have great ideas that are creating lasting change in our community, please encourage them to apply.  Help us tap into the many voices, ideas and talents that make up this community, but might not be well known.” 


What do you think? Got a name or two? If so, get in touch! You can find more information regarding speaker and performer submissions at  The location and date of the event will be announced soon. 


Not sure what we're talking about? Here's a look at a few 2013 speakers. They're kind of awesome, and a great (and productive) way to tick down the hours of your Friday. Who KNOWS what you'll accomplish this weekend?


First up, here's Dave Dawsonpres and founder of The Urban Electric Co., embracing the return of the craftsman-style approach to lighting design in America. This is a killer example of how TEDx speakers' day-to-day innovations/choices/philosophies back up the lessons they share. It ain't just talk. UE is one of THE most fascinating and dynamic businesses in Charleston.  Which reminds me... if creative director Michael Amato signs on to speak, I'm so there. 



Next is Bill Stanfield, founder and CEO of the Metanoia Community Development Corporation, a grassroots movement of people focused on the holistic redevelopment of some of our region’s most vulnerable neighborhoods. If this guy doesn't inspire you to do better, get your head checked. He's actually doing what our politicians drone on about.



Teresa Bruce, one-time Olympic hopeful who talks about the power of quitting. Yes, quitting. The kind of quitting that jump-starts something else in you, the real part of you. Watch this, then ask yourself... is there anything I should quit?