Charleston Music Hall's Winter Film Showcase

The Charleston Music Hall hosted last night's Winter Film Showcase and gave us just a taste of the amazing upcoming music videos, shorts and documentaries Charleston has to look forward to.



The Charleston Music Hall had it's second installment with it's Winter Film Showcase Festival last night. It featured eight short films ranging from music videos, comedy shorts, documentaries, drama, to psychedelic sequences. The Charleston small-town, big city charm was in full effect at this even as I had gone to school with more than half of these film makers. The film community in Charleston is very fortunate to have such a supportive group of talented individuals, as everyone's work is constantly crossing each others. 

1. The first film that started off the event was named "If You Return." StylePublic's Ally Francine recently did a review on this filmmaker, Zac Brietengross, aka, 100 Macro's short film "If You Return." Very visual and engaging. Big fan of the filters on this short film.

If You Return Trailer from Zachary James on Vimeo.

Deciphering their enviroment while becoming part of it, an obcesive man and troubled woman search for identy. 

2. Notable musician, Johnny Delaware, had his single "Saralinah" music video shot and produced in Charleston, SC by filmmaker Jacob Kirby. This music video never stopped with it's perfectly timed cuts and amazing steadicam work.

Johnny Delaware "Saralinah" from Ben Joyner on Vimeo

Reflections and memories while in the present time, The lyrics and video tell of the codependencies and possessiveness sometimes present in today's relationships. 

3. Next up was James Tilden's "Wrench." This comedy short went into the life of a typical mundane 9-5 office. James is very well known in the Charleston film community as he has worked as an AD on Lifetime's Army Wives, CBS' latest Reckless, and on The Hunger Games. I really enjoyed the red-sequence near the end of the film and recognizing all of locations used.

*Fun fact about James Tilden. Years ago, he was Charleston Fox 24's Senior Commercial Producer. After meeting him on the set of Army Wives during my film school days, I eventually was referred to that same position over a year ago, which I currently hold now. A great example of how Charleston's film community is intertwined

WRENCH from Terrible Parrot Films on Vimeo.

Alan is stuck in a dreary office 9-5 lifestyle. One day, an employment ad promising fun and money turns his world upside down. 

4. "What Remains" is a 3 minute short directed and edited by LeAnn Cannon. Seamless Pictures directed the photography and gave it an amazing film look. I loved the set design during the middle portion of the film. 

*Fun fact about LeAnn Cannon, when I was working on the featured film "Dear John," as a casting assistant, I helped her get preliminary casted as Amanda Seyfried's double when we were both in film school. Another example of how our small film community is constantly growing. 

What Remains from Zachary James on Vimeo.

The more you love a memory, the stronger and stranger it becomes. 

5. The next short, "Nothing," featured Cierah Sargent, Jason Wesley, and Daniel Jones. If you know Charleston Film, then you know Danny Jones. The man is in everything. This short was directed by Kyle Perritt and premiered at last year's Charleston International Film Festival. With this film running almost 30 minutes, you really wish it was a full feature.

Nothing (2013) Official Trailer from Seamless Pictures on Vimeo.

Alex's life is forever changed when she seeks out affection from her high school teacher. 

6. "Camgirl." I really loved this mini documentary. The edits were quick and engaging and it wasn't just because the main character's occupation. The over laid sequences showing her computer screen that would then cut to her recorded camgirl shows really gave the impression this could be a full featured documentary. It was very well done. 

We can't embed this short so if you have an opportunity to se this film being played, make sure you check it out. 

A look into the life of Jessie, also known as "Jaefilth." who makes her living posing nude via live webcam.

Oh Rachel Kate. How Charleston loves you.

7. Local film maker duo, "The Royal Wild," consisting of Jenny Kleiman and Landon Phillips, shot this music video back in October of last year and used the Lowcountry's scenery to create a beautiful Southern Gothic feel. Do yourself a favor and at least get to 2:28, I love that shot. 

Rachel Kate "Lost" Official Video from Jenny Kleiman on Vimeo.

Songstress Rachel Kate's glass shattering 'Lost' provides the soundtrack for a Gothic Southern melodrama where the singer makes a deal with the devil on her wedding day. 

8. The final film to play was a full, one hour feature by Henry Snyder called "A Place to Stay," starring Lifetime's Army Wives, Bubba Bryant. Another home grown Charleston actor. A trailer isn't available yet, but you can watch some clips and behind the scenes below. 

*Fun fact, this film was aprtially funded via an IndieGoGo campaign last year. 

Danny has two part time jobs and a girlfriend losing her patience. He wants something to change, but can't seem to make any changes. A lot of cigarettes get smoked in the breakroom.