Jonatan Guerrero-Ramirez

Picture of Jonatan Guerrero Ramirez wearing white t-shirt and holding a rainbow flag.
A graduate of the Art institute of Charleston and a proud DACA recipient, Jonatan began his career even before moving to Charleston in 2014. Growing up in the small town of Waynesboro Georgia, Jonatan's biggest influence was music and theatre, which led him to be featured in Teen Vogue Magazine. His passion for working with community members and collaborating with influencers grew his passion to bring inclusion into the world. Jonatan’s collaborative work can be seen in Charleston Fashion Week, Southern Living Magazine, Bravo TV, Nickelodeon Studios, HRC, Buzzfeed, ACLU, NPR, Latinos in the South , and BEAU Magazine. He is an honoree of the 2020's Honor41 list and currently sits on The City of Charleston's Latinx Advisory Council. His passion for helping youth extends into the classroom where he teaches with YoArt Inc. as an adjunct teacher.

Currently, he works at We Are Family, (a southern grassroots non-profit organization that provides affirming spaces for LGBTQI+ and ally youth up to the age of 24 through direct support, leadership development, and community engagement) running their gender inclusive social enterprise, Closet Case Thrift Store.

When he is not working, he loves to watch Disney movies, upcycling old furniture, and garden with his boyfriend and 2 cats, Milo and Yuki.