Back to the Future

Iconic 80s photography, like this one from Lyle Owerko's "Boombox Project," brings a modern (or slightly retro?) spin to interiors

I’ve found myself channeling the 80s as-of-late—minus the giant hair and neon lipstick, of course. In all seriousness, how amazing is the work of Lyle Owerko and his rock n’ roll inspired photography series? I purchased one of Lyle’s “Boombox” photos for my son on his fifth birthday. It’s a little something special that I do for my kids every year. I add to their ever-growing art collection. Just imagine how well-versed they’ll be! Admittedly, I think this piece was a little more for me than it was for my son, but I’m betting that one day he’ll fully appreciate this iconic image of the 80s! I mean, what kid didn’t ask for a boombox for their birthday in 1985?

Lyle’s photographs are printed in a series, and range from small to rather large sizes. How I would kill to frame one of these iconic images as the focal point of a teenage boy’s bedroom! I can’t imagine any art that would be better suited. (I only hope the kid would dig it as much as I would...)

Interested in seeing more of Lyle’s rockin’ photography, and his “Boombox Project?” Check out