5 Reasons You've Gotta Hit DIG SOUTH This Weekend

Why go? The real question is, why not? In a town where jobs aren't aplenty and industry growth can be as slow as molasses, here's an event trying to push us ahead. Read on for why you should be there

Sure, you could hit the beach on Saturday and Sunday. Drink your weight at Moe's or Beer Works. Watch 14 back-to-back episodes of "Downton Abbey," "Real Housewives," or whatever the kids are watching these days... Meanwhile, you'll have plenty of time to remark about how Charleston is great, if only there were more jobs, more fast-paced industry, more REAL opportunities.... 


Bartender, can I have another?


OR. You could check out DIG SOUTH. You never know... you might hear something, meet someone, glom onto an idea that's way more fun than a hangover or sand in your shorts. Also, yours truly is emceeing on Friday night at the Music Hall, when Dusty Slay, Rosco Bandana, and Dangermuffin take the stage.


Rosco Bandana, photo from DigSouth.com


Come say hi! In the meantime...


Here are Grit's top 5 reasons to hit DIG SOUTH this weekend: 


1) An Expo Like No Other?
We hear this isn't your average snoozefest trade show. WE HEAR it's cool and interactive. As in, robots throwing Frisbee (High School robotic team), Magic Mirror (YOUSA/Charleston Stitch), 3-D printer & button-making station (SpaceCraft), and an auctioning-off of a badass Land Rover Defender by Whitemark Media. 
Photo from DIG SOUTH's Facebook page
Also—live music at an expo? Not bad.
Here's more info on all of this: www.digsouth.com/join-expo/.
2) Learn Something You Can Actually Use to Make Money. (Go Ahead, Do It.) 
It's not that often you have top-level speakers in a field exploding all over the country (digital, of course) right in your backyard. We're talking Keynoter Robert Tercek (right), former pres of digital media at OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network); Katie Caperton, editor-in-chief of HLNtv.com; Holly Burns, content strategist at Facebook (she's also a former editor at Charleston magazine, by the way); and so many other leaders in technology, marketing, social media, and creative thought.
More to the point, these are the people who can tell you where YOU'RE going. Your jobs, your industries, your marketplace. Or hell, even your Facebook page. 
3) You Like Live Music
Even more, you like GOOD live music. Along with the Expo comes the Sideshow, aka a stacked lineup of lauded bands—both local and from across the country. An added bonus? If you can't make the Expo or conferences, tickets are available for each individual show. 
In addition to Charleston's best groove band Dangermuffin, local acts playing throughout the Sideshow include Entropy Ensemble, The Bushels, Elim Bolt, and Heyrocco.
The Bushels, photo from DigSouth.com
Among Saturday night's shows are the New Orleans-based bands Hurray for the Riff Raff (voted second best at SXSW in 2011) and Sam Doores + Riley Downing & The Tumbleweeds (currently on tour with Alabama Shakes). And that doesn't even cover it. Get the full list and buy your tickets here
Hurray for Riff Raff, photo from DigSouth.com
4) You Like Happy Hour
Drinking with people you can share ideas with? Yes, please. These happy hours are exclusive to DIG SOUTH Dignitary ticket holders, which are those who buy the all-access pass. See, you CAN drink and learn at the same time....
* "Upload Charleston: Welcome to Silicon Harbor"—Friday 6-7:30, presented by the CRDA and the Charleston Digital Corridor, in the CML Beer Garden (25 Ann St.) 
* "Southeastern Sync Up"—Saturday 6-7:30, presented by BenefitFocus, in the CML Beer Garden (25 Ann St.)   
5) Food Truck Rodeo Lunches. Enough said.
These will happen on Saturday & Sunday during the Expo, located across from the Spoleto offices off George St. in their horseshoe.
12-1 p.m., All meals only $7 to Expo attendees!
I've convinced you, no? Depending on what you attend, tickets start at $10—so really, there's something for everyone. See the different tickets available and buy yours here!