5 Grams of... Hank & Cupcakes

5 instagrams, that is. Meet this Brooklyn-based (and quite stylish) rockstar duo here. Plus, get the scoop on where to see them live in Chas THIS Friday

5 grams = 5 instagrams + 5 questions + 1 (or 2) amazing person (people). 



I rock a Hank & Cupcakes ‘Lips’ T-shirt from time to time… autographed, no less, and have seen them perform several times when they’ve passed through Charleston. Never would I hesitate to say that these two are THE most rockin’ rock star couple (on and off stage) I’ve seen perform—watching their show is like watching magic!


The mind blowing-ness of who they are is so intriguing. ‘Hank’ with his sometimes-mohawk, body paint, and killer guitar skills and ‘Cupcakes’ belting out note after note beautifully  as she simultaneously beats on her drums. (Not to mention she eventually stands on the drums while continuing to play. Now that’s skill!)


It may be safe to say that I have a touch of groupie in me for this band, so it is an honor to have a moment with Sagit & Ariel to share their words about all the flavors that make them such a dynamic duo! All of this, right on the heels of the release of their new album, Naked. And this is how the email went…


«What do you do? In what city?

We are a band from Brooklyn, NY but are touring constantly all over the US.



«What are your special powers?

We will melt your heart and arouse your soul and there are no tricks, just old fashioned magic.


«What’s the scoop on Hank & Cupcakes’ style/fashion sense?

We constantly try to find new clothes, hair styles and weird things to do because we get bored very quickly… NYC as well as touring are perfect inspiration to these changes we’re seeking and the fashion and style changes are a part of what defines us as a band and as individuals.


«Does music make you loose control as Missy Elliott dictates? What’s your music philosophy?

In regards to control, music is a powerful force that can help you lose control, let go of your fears and join and contribute the general stream of energy in the room. It can also be an inspiration to take control and feel connected to feelings, ideas, and thoughts that might be out of the reach of your day to day conciseness. Regardless of this philosophical fart, Missy Elliott kicks ass, and she will make us lose control.


«What is love?

Love is a body and soul expression of true friendship.


Hope all is gucci, till soon!



Sagit & Ariel



Check out their new album Naked! Also, don’t miss your opportunity to see for yourself what all of our Hank & Cupcakes love is about! They play on the same bill with another StylePublic fave Death of Paris on this Friday, August 30 at the Tin Roof. Doors open at 8pm! See you there!