The 3 R's: Reading, wRiting, Running

Get your muse on, amidst the Bridge Run masses!

Spending your Saturday hoofing and huffing it amidst a sweaty throng of 45,000??


Think of it not as sport, but as a creative huddle, a calorie-burning six point two miles of stretching your writing muscle. Imagine people’s stories, notice their quirks and details, overhear their conversations (as you pass them at a blistering pace!), tune your ear to dialogue. The Bridge Run is a literary fuel fest, so lace-up, listen up, tune in and run hard. Jog your writer’s mind and read the crowd. Here’s a little Leo, musing on masses of humanity, to inspire you:


I looked more carefully and more widely around me, I studied the lives of the past and contemporary masses of humanity, and I saw that, not two or three, not ent or a hundred, but thousands, and millions had so understood the meaning of life that they were able both to live and to die. All these…were well aquainted with the meaning of life and death, quietly labored, endured privation and suffering, lived and died, and saw in all this, not a vain, but a good thing.

Leo Tolstoy