Hidden F&B: Jeanne Oleksiak

Meet our next podcast guest, sweet tea lover, instant ramen fan and Executive Chef of Herd Provisions.
Jeanne Oleksiak Herd Provisions Executive Chef


By Helen Mitternight


So, you might think that she is all about the meats.


Jeanne Oleksiak is the executive chef atHerd Provisions,a restaurant that offers its own breed of cattle for its meat. So, you might think that she is all about the meats.


But Oleksiak has found the secret of working with vegetables and she takes just as much care whether she is smoking and grilling meat as she does smoking or grilling vegetables.


Here's Jeanne's take:


Favorite kitchen tool or gadget:

"I do like a mandoline."


In my pantry (three things):

"Pasta, there’s always a package of instant ramen (it’s my guilty pleasure) and chocolates."


Comfort food:

"My mom’s chicken noodle soup."


Favorite smell:

"Cinnamon rolls. That’s always a happy smell."


Favorite drink:

"Sweet tea – I’m a true Southern gal."


Number of hours you work a week:

"About 65."


Most underrated ingredient:

"Lemon or vinegar, some kind of acid. A dish always needs a dash of brightness."


Favorite meal to cook at home:

"Roasted chicken."


Best advice a mentor gave you:

"It was my 8th grade teacher, Mr. Ivan Fields. He told me it really doesn’t matter if you get the answer right, as long as you come close."


What’s next?

"I’d like to keep building my Herd family. I’d like to start doing dinner party events for that restaurant that involves the whole community."


For more about Jeanne Oleksiak, tune into herCharleston Grit Episode of the Hidden F&B podcastnow. Then head on over to Herd Provisionsonlineor visit them in person at 106 Grove St., Charleston, SC 29403. Want more? Find who’s hidden beyond Charleston in national episodes of the podcasthere.