Hidden F&B: Heather Hutton

Edmund's Oast Pastry Chef Heather Hutton is our latest guest on the Hidden F&B podcast with Helen Mitternight.
Edmunds Oast Pastry Chef Heather Hutton


By Helen Mitternight


Editor’s note: Charleston is such a foodie town that food and beverage superstars are hiding in plain sight, out of theJames Beardlimelight, but still very much creating and serving amazing food and drinks. This series profiles Charleston’s “Hidden F&Bs.”


Hutton has been rolling out pies for the holidays at Edmund’s Oast and creating cakes and confections that combine sweet with savory.


Heather Hutton believes anything is better with pie. She would know. As Pastry Chef atEdmund's Oast,Hutton has been rolling out pies for the holidays and creating cakes and confections that combine sweet with savory. She likes adding sea salt or the bitterness of caramel to keep things from getting cloyingly sweet.


Hutton’s take


Favorite kitchen tool or gadget

HH: An offset spatula. I use it all the time and I’m very particular – it has to be sturdy.


In my refrigerator (3 things)

HH: I eat most of my meals at work, so my refrigerator is not very well-stocked. But I have olives, hummus and baba ghanoush.


In my pantry (3 things)

HH: I have grits, cake flour and instant yeast


Favorite smell

HH: Rose. I love it even in desserts.


Favorite drink

HH: Seltzer. I love sparkling water, just can’t get enough.


Comfort food

HH: Pie. It’s a comfort to make and it’s a comfort to eat.


Most underrated ingredient

HH: Lemon. It can help so many desserts.


Favorite meal to cook at home

HH: It’s usually a version of soba with vegetables, soy, an Asian-style toss.


Best advice a mentor gave you

HH: It was my old Pastry Chef,Amanee Neirouz.I like to get quite complex, and she told me simplicity is key. Trying to combine my philosophy and still keep it simple is something I still work with quite a bit.


Listen to Hutton talk more about her dessert philosophy on thismonth's podcast of Hidden F&Band check out her feature in the December issue of Charleston Magazine.Neirouz, Hutton's mentor, was a featured guest onepisode 2 of Hidden F&Bback in 2018. Take a trip down memory lane and hear from the woman who inspired her.


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