Hidden F&B: Daddy's Girl Bakery

What do poetry and cake have in common? Find out on this month's episode of Hidden F&B.
This is an image of Nathan and Chasity Brown of Daddy's Girl Bakery sitting on steps wearing black chef jackets. Nathan has his arm around Chasity.


By Helen Mitternight


Nathan Brown, who goes by Nate, is a poet. He was reading poetry and his wife, Chasity, would bring cake to the audience to get their feedback. No telling how the poetry went over, but the cake? It was a hit, and the couple is still baking. The couple openedDaddy’s Girl Bakeryin North Charleston during COVID-19, but they’re not letting a pandemic stop them.


The Browns’ take:


3 Things In My Refrigerator 


Chasity: Butter, almond milk, water.

Nate: Almond milk, water and grab-and-go snacks for the kids.


3 Things In My Pantry 


Nate: Seasoning, ramen noodles for the kids, tea or coffee.

Chasity: Tea or coffee, alkaline salt and Goldfish.


Favorite Charleston Restaurant Other Than Yours 


Chasity:Cuban Gypsy Pantry.

Nate: Cuban Gypsy Pantry for sure, but alsoHannibal's Kitchenfor crab rice or Page’s Okra Grill.


Comfort Food 


Nate: Mama’s red rice.

Chasity: Anything chocolate like ice cream orReese’s Cups.


Favorite Smell 


Chasity: A floral smell.

Nate: The smell of food being cooked in the kitchen.


Favorite Drink 


Nate: Water or tequila.

Chasity: Sweet tea.


Number of Hours You Work a Week 


Both: About 60.


Customer Pet Peeve 


Nate: I’m not a fan of repeating myself. We write down the names and prices of everything, but I had a customer who needed me to go over every single thing again and again.

Chasity: I don’t like when we put all the information on social media and they STILL have to ask.


Most Underrated Ingredient


Chasity: Cream cheese, inside of pastry or icing.

Nate: Fresh fruit in baking.


Favorite Meal to Cook at Home 


Nate: Pizza.

Chasity: Chili or spaghetti or tacos. Anything quick and easy.


Want to try the baked goods that put this poetic duo on the map? Head out to Daddy’s Girl Bakery at 2021 B Reynolds Avenue, North Charleston. Before you go, check out their guest appearance on the latestHidden F&B podcast here.