Hidden F&B: Matti Anttila

The man behind the vodka "Made in America" and "Raised in the South" is our featured guest on this month's podcast.
Dixie Vodka's Matti Anttila standing outside in front of a tree wearing a baseball cap with his arms folded.


By Helen Mitternight


Editor’s Note: Charleston is such a foodie town that food and beverage superstars are hiding in plain sight but still very much creating and serving amazing food and drinks. This series profiles these “Hidden F&Bs.”


If you’re in the South and you drink, you’ve probably heard of Dixie Vodka.


If you’re in the South and you drink, you’ve probably heard ofDixie Vodka.Matti Antilla left the world of finance to startGrain & Barrel Spirits,the company behind the signature vodka brand that inked a deal withNASCAR.It bills itself as “an innovation-driven global beverage platform that develops and scales authentic craft spirit brands — brands that connect the best artisans to markets and consumers around the world.”


You also may have heard ofChicken Cock Whiskey,his upscale entry into the spirits’ market given the historical significance of the brand withKentucky roots dating back to 1856.But what you may not have heard of is Elvis Whiskey. Antilla's company is making it in cooperation with the estate of Elvis Presley. Just don’t expect a whiff of peanut butter or bananas, the King’s favorite snack, if you sample this whiskey.


To learn more about Matti Antilla, listen to what he has to say as a guest with host Helen Mitternight onepisode 45 of the Hidden F&B podcast now.


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