Hidden F&B: Lindsey Williams

A former attorney turns her passion for wine into a thriving winemaking venture with two locations in the Carolinas.
Lindsey Williams Charleston Wine Company


By Helen Mitternight / Image by Fabrikasimf; Kim Reinick; Inna Vlasova; Courtesy of Charleston Wine Company; Wondery


Editor’s Note: Charleston is such a foodie town that food and beverage superstars are hiding in plain sight, out of theJames Beardlimelight, but still very much creating and serving amazing food and drinks. This series profiles Charleston’s “Hidden F&Bs.”


She then brought the urban winery concept to Charleston becoming one of the few African American winemakers in the country.


Lindsey Williams started out as an attorney, but she was always drawn to the world of wine. When she got the chance, she learned how to make it and openedDavidson Wine Companyjust north of Charlotte in Davidson, North Carolina. She then brought the urban winery concept to Charleston becoming one of the few African American winemakers in the country.


Lindsey’s take


Favorite kitchen tool or gadget

My stand mixer. I use it for pancakes in the morning, and I use the pasta attachment in the evening.

In my refrigerator (three things)

Almond milk, seafood and some kind of cold-pressed juice.

In my pantry (three things)

Pasta, things to make macaroni and cheese, cereal.

Comfort food

A big bowl of pasta. Carbs are my first love.

Favorite smell

I love the smell of lilies.

Favorite drink

I love a craft cocktail made with gin.

Number of hours you work a week

If I had to add it up, it would be way more than 40 hours!

Most underrated ingredient

I’m partial to spice. I think having a complex wine means having a spice element to it.

Favorite meal to cook at home

Mac and cheese and we also love to grill anything.

Best advice a mentor gave you

Before we opened, my landlord in North Carolina told me to always keep my foot on the gas.


Hop on over to theHidden F&B podcastto learn more about Williams on this month’s episode sponsored byCharleston Grit.Don’t stop there. Read about her in theJune issue of Charleston Magazine.Charleston Wine Companyis located in the heart of downtown Charleston at 63 S. Market St. For operating hours and more visit the website atchsurbanwineco.com.