Chris Adams

Chris concentrates in criminal defense in federal and state courts. Chris concentrates on defending clients accused of white collar crimes, street crimes, sex offenses and capital murder in the South and around the country.

Since launching his private practice, Adams & Bischoff, LLC, in 2007, he has represented clients in serious matters from Las Vegas to New York City to San Juan, Puerto Rico. However, the bulk of his practice is fighting for men and women accused of crimes in and around South Carolina.

Chris is a sought after speaker on criminal defense topics ranging from courtroom advocacy, forensics, criminal law, and ethics, having given more than 100 presentations to professional organizations and bar associations in more than thirty states. He is on the faculty of the National Criminal Defense College where he teaches fellow criminal defense lawyers and learns from them in the process. He has served as an adjunct professor of law at Emory University, Georgia State University, and the Charleston School of Law, teaching courses and clinics on capital punishment and criminal procedure. In 2017 he made his television debut when he was featured in Season 1 Episode 6 of the Netflix original true crime documentary series “The Confession Tapes”.

As part of his commitment to giving his best for his clients, Chris enrolled in a two-year masters program in oral storytelling from East Tennessee State University. Chris graduated in 2016. With his experience and passion for justice, Chris will continue to protect the liberty and reputation of his clients by working tirelessly to win the most favorable verdict possible.