Two Peas in a Dopapod

Two Peas in a Dopapod

Last Friday, December 4th at the Charleston Pour House, Charlestonians were treated with a powerhouse opener followed by a local favorite- Dopapod.

The Nth Power kicked off the show, an explosive quartet hailing from all over the East coast like Vermont/New Hampshire, Virginia. The opener simply blew everyone away. It’s hard to believe they've only been jamming together since 2012 at New Orleans Jazz Fest. Funky soul/rock innovators similar to the likes of Dumpstaphunk, these guys channel the legendary qualities of their influences like Marvin Gaye, Earth, Wind and Fire and The Roots. This band is worth going to a show to see Nikki Glaspie their female powerhouse drummer do her thing and add her extra bit of spice. The power of love was oozing from this groovy quartet with gospel roots. Percussion and guitarists, Nick Cassarino and Weedie Braimah, were also on point. The crowd’s energy was high as the anticipation built for the main act—Dopapod.

Boston-born quartet Dopapod, has been ever on-the-go, attending music festivals and concert venues alike nationwide. They have dope-afied festivals like Gathering of the Vibes, Bonnaroo, Mountain Jam, Burning Man, Bear Creek and Werk Out. Possessing a killer dynamic, their newest album yet, Never Odd Or Even (2014) is non-coincidentally their best yet. Compositionally more complex, this album was the spark that launched them into this next year of touring. With Rob Compa on keyboards, Chuck Jones on guitar, Scotty Zwang on bass and Luke Stratton on drums, they have just enough of every sound without overdoing it.

Stopping in Charleston during their Southeast Fall Tour 2015, the four put on a mind meltingly impressive light show, which paired well with their genre-defying sound.  Taken on a spiritual journey, the crowd was along for the ride from start to finish. Jammin’ all set long, these guys disregard all stylistic boundaries.  Having generated a huge following from touring across America, their non-stop touring for the last three years has been rigorous but has seasoned these guys to their full potential. Soon they will be the next Dave Matthews Band, a jam band that made it big with top radio hits left and right. Dopapod comes to Charleston quite often, so if I were you I’d keep a lookout for their next local show in or around the Holy City.

Images by Big Funk Photography