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BY: Instant Grit
BY: Shep Rose
Are you a flake? Shep Rose examines the epidemic of flakiness in the 21st century.
BY: Hunter Gardner
What's not to love about Charleston's favorite reality show stars? Hunter Gardner gets the inside scoop on behind-the-scenes antics, Shep's dream girl, Craig's hair products, and more.
BY: Instant Grit
There's a video of a pet saving a small boy from a vicious attack, and it's getting quite a bit of attention. Is its popularity from the heroic act, or who was the hero? We'll let you decide. Meow.
BY: Instant Grit
It's official: the Charleston-based reality show we've all been dreading will air March 3. Here's a look the Bravo series' FULL TRAILER (paternity tests and fake eyelashes included)...
BY: Hunter Boone
Comedy Central's Drunk History is shooting in town next week. Here's the EXCLUSIVE SCOOP on where, plus how you can get on camera, share your history smarts, and do what Charleston does best—get tipsy
BY: Renae Brabham
... 'Tis my mantra for 2014. I realize I've been inundated lately with crap—that I've spent way too much time thinking about what she said, he said, and what the fox said. So here it is: My resolution
BY: Tim Brennan
Actually, don’t call it lying. It’s fiction. Entertainment. Reality. Ethical? Who cares? Lately, rewards from lying are getting greater—just ask Elan Gale or the waitress who faked a bit of bigotry...
BY: Tim Brennan
It's Friday. Have a laugh. You need it. A YouTube hit, with a killer marching band tucked in there, too (P.S. This Sat: Tyler Mechem opening for Michael McDonald; 3 Band CD release at the Music Hall)
BY: Instant Grit
UPDATED!! Guess his clock told him it's time to hit the Holy City (yo). He'll be hosting the hell out of the notoriously naughty Skinful Halloween. Details, plus fave Flav quotes to tide you over
BY: Guest Blogger
Charleston Fashion Week model coordinator Joe Quinn hits the NYFW scene and gives up the goods—Lady Gaga, Courtney Love, a private viewing at the Tibi studio, run-ins with CFW alum... it's all here
BY: E. Louise
An article out today claims Hollywood execs may be full up on Southern-based reality shows—a look at why they may not hold their viewers, plus the 5 that put the "red" in redneck reality
BY: Renae Brabham
Answer: A man-made fiasco... Why none of us should be shocked that poop has started raining down in sheets (and tweets, and twerks...)
BY: Tim Brennan
Here's why the Miley Cyrus episode clogging the Internet this week bugs me, but it's not what you think... (hint: it's kind of worse)
BY: E. Louise
I turned in this essay on Bravo's reality show to Charleston magazine, blissfully unaware that the term "money shot" originates in... porn
BY: Instant Grit
If Real World Charleston is indeed in the works (as threatened), will the petition currently circulating the Holy City change MTV minds? Maybe don't hold your breath
BY: Instant Grit
Why that show is like that fun, but extremely ill-advised hook-up you only barely remember.... Plus! What Twitter's saying about the possibility of Real World setting up house here
BY: Instant Grit
Does a Beverly Hills fail equal a big Charleston win? That's the rumor, as the legal drama set in the Holy City was just picked up for 13 episodes. Here's who's starring and more details
BY: Rory Gruler
Kathie Lee & Hoda are set to film this Thursday and Friday at the CofC's Cistern Yard. Riiiight... like we need more half drunk, fully Botoxed cougars prowling the streets... Here's what Twitter said
BY: Instant Grit
Whether you're a die-hard "X Factor" fan or just want a shot at being seen on TV, you can join Simon, Demi, and the gang when they come to N. Chas next month. Get your FREE ticket to the tapings here!





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