Poolside FM is the distraction we need right now

How a never-ending summer-style music app rooted in '80s nostalgia could save 2020.

By Robin Gibson

Download it now. Don't wait, because the crap 2020 keeps throwing at us won't and you shouldn't either.

Shorter days, the chaos of back-to-school, five storms looming in the Atlantic for hurricane season, and an upcoming election that promises to be contentious are all reasons to cling to what's left of summer — at least, in theory if you dislike humidity and hot temps. Summer invokes a carefree mindset while the fall facing us is anything but. The threat of an intensifying pandemic only further darkens the days ahead.

Which is why you should familiarize yourself with Poolside FM.This free and playful music app born from a passion project with friends will fix your frame of mind on frivolity and irreverence, especially when paired with its nostalgically campy social media channels and website.

Go ahead, check it out and tell me you don't agree. The app lets you customize playlists, stations and color themes, and even has a built-in pool cam feature I'll let you discover on your own.

Everything about it screams lighthearted, easy-going fun with a nod to the self-indulging, me-first '80s. I don't know about you, but I can't think of a better time to put myself first than on the dawn of an apocalypse.

In all seriousness, I've discovered cool music that makes me happy, and have Poolside FM to thank for some of my new-to-me favorite songs. Download it now. Don't wait, because the crap 2020 keeps throwing at us won't and you shouldn't either.

Poolside FM is the never-ending, virtual pool party we need,"like digital Vitamin D,"to distract us from a year we'd like to forget. 

Before I sign off, I should disclose that I'm a product of the pixelated generation so aptly captured as a mood by the app, which may or may not explain my affinity. Something tells me, though, regardless of when you came of age, you'll love it, too.

This is a digital drawing of a hand holding a martini glass on a bubble-gum pink background. The writing says Poolside FM where the sun never sets.