Palace Hotel Triumphantly Returns to Charleston

Palace Hotel Triumphantly Returns to Charleston

Patrons returning to the recently reopened Palace Hotel will note a subtle addition to the bar’s walls: colored birds resembling phoenixes. Whether coincidental or not, like the mythological creature, the Palace Hotel has risen from the ashes of its former self to once again in Charleston’s Eastside neighborhood.

Since opening in 2014, the Palace Hotel has become renowned among its customers for its staple menu of hot dogs, tacos, and weekly specials. Throughout its downtown residence, Palace Hotel has remained true to its roots of a neighborhood dive bar hidden off of the beaten path, welcoming a clientele ranging from locals to celebrities such as Bill Murray, eager to escape the rush of King Street.

The successful bar and its owners suffered a major setback last year, however, when a fire broke out in the upstairs apartment, creating extensive damage. In true entrepreneurship form, however, Palace Hotel’s owners spent the down time opening up The Commodore, revitalizing former jazz club A Touch of Class while meticulously restoring Palace Hotel to its glory.

Extensive restoration work has paid off, as with few minor exceptions the dive bar completely resembles its former self. Amidst eclectic décor including empty photo frames, deer heads (which were cleaned at times via toothbrush after the fire), and striped blue walls, Palace Hotel’s vibe is one of warmth and fun. Amidst snazzy music, one finds college students openly socializing with retired locals, trading stories and tips on how to navigate Condé Nast’s favorite little city.

“I’ve been wanting this place to open up again so badly,” College of Charleston senior Erica tells me during Saturday’s reopening. “It’s so nice to pop in after school, and everyone here is so friendly. They want you to come in. Plus, I died without my hot dog fix,” she laughs.

Indeed. The core of Palace Hotel’s menu remains its hot dogs. It’s an item Palace Hotel felt was lacking throughout the Holy City, and a need they were eager to fill. Although this author’s favorite is the Classico (simple hot dog with chili) other offerings such as the Carrot Dog have allowed the Palace Hotels’ chefs to get creative with ingredients.

In addition to classic arcade games for the Pac-Man fan in us all, regular patrons take advantage of Palace Hotel’s outside community area, where its pink and yellow logo is proudly displayed (the owners refused to remove the building’s original “Beer and Cigarettes” sign found at Palace Hotel’s entrance). In addition to creating the perfect atmosphere for those who dare take selfies, sitting outside the Palace Hotel affords one the rare opportunity to enjoy Charleston at a slower, more intimate pace. 

The jewel of the Eastside has returned, so go check it out!

Palace Hotel’s business hours are Monday-Saturday 11 a.m.-2 a.m. and Sunday 4 p.m.-2 a.m. Brunch is every Saturday from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Don’t forget to try the dice rolling game, if you dare!