Woolfe Street Playhouse presents Red, White, & Cash- A Johnny Cash Tribute

When I saw the musical Johnny Cash, Red White & Cash was playing at Woolfe Street Playhouse, I thought I would take one for the team and surprise Don with the event. About an hour in, I wished I'd had on cowboy boots.



After the heartbreak at Emmanuel AME this week, a little light-hearted fare may be in order. I never thought I would type those two together. Johnny Cash and lighter-fare.


The show started with a dark stage, each cast member with their back to the audience. Soft spotlights shone on each individually as they turned to vintage mics and announced, "Hello, I'm Cash. Johnny Cash."


Hubby loves Johhny Cash. Me, I mostly wanted to experience the theater. So — I was pleasantly surprised to find myself toe tapping, foot stomping, clapping, singing and wiggling in my chair before intermission. While everyone mulled about and wet their whistles, I ventured around the old building, admiring it's bones. Woolfe Street Playhouse resides in a century old meat packing warehouse in the re-surging Upper King Street arts district.



The Johnny Cash, Red White & Cash musical has been performed for 4 seasons now.The musical features Michael Easler, Dusty Bryant, Kathy Summer, Jenna Brinson, and one hell of a back up ensemble. Their performances were awesome. Lighting and atmosphere were perfect. I know a lot of work went into the production and it came across in it’s superb flow. It almost felt like I'd walked into a historical building in Charleston, bought a glass of wine and sat down to rest when, to my surprise, a flash mob performance glued me to my chair for the next couple of hours. 



Per their website; "The Village Repertory Co. is a non profit professional theatre company, producing drama, comedy, and musicals with a special emphasis on the finest plays of the 20th Century.  As the theatre company in residence at the Woolfe Street Playhouse, our aim is to bring lesser known classics and new works to life in a unique environment:  The Village Rep creates theatre that breaks down the barriers between the performer and the audience. We create for our community, from within our community, working with Charleston's local ensemble of actors and artists."



I will definitely be going back!  Check out the website or Facebook for upcoming attractions. In the meantime, you still have a few days to catch the Red, White and Cash show!