VIDEO: Shepic Fail - Episode 4 | Man's Best Friend

In the season two premiere of Shepic Fail, watch as Shep Rose and Hunter Gardner learn the ins and outs of pet photography from PPA photographer Chris Martin.



In the season two premiere of "Shepic Fail," PPA photographer Chris Smith attempts to teach Shep Rose and Hunter Gardner the ins and outs of pet photography. 


Will the guys be able to wrangle the pack of pooches from Charleston Animal Society, or will man's best friend prove to be a beast of burden? Watch to find out.


What Shep Learned:

I learned that dog photography is not to be taken lightly. It's a serious high-stakes game. The fate of the world is often in the balance. It's a world dominated by bribes and long periods of silence and menacing stares. Now that I've entered the exclusive and top-secret brotherhood, I look over my shoulder constantly, and when I hear a bark, I never know if might be my last. 


What Hunter Learned: 

I am, without a doubt, a dog person but am by no means apt to be a professional pet photographer. I don’t trust myself with any object worth more than $100, and this equipment was top notch. Seriously. Chris was able to take my fumblings and make them 

look like real portraits. 


I had a real good start to the day, getting downright maternal with these puppies, but probably lost all credibility when I chased one into a muddy creek—neither one of us saw that one coming. Listen, I’m a nice guy, but you probably don’t want to trust me to dog sit, unless you value your dog at $99 or less.


Produced by Remington Markham