Hidden F&B: Marissa & Clay Carlisle of Bevi Bene Brewing

The duo behind a hard kombucha brewery stop by the Hidden F&B podcast.
Marissa and Clay Carlisle


By Helen Mitternight


Editor's note: Charleston is such a foodie town that food and beverage superstars are hiding in plain sight, out of theJames Beardlimelight, but still very much creating and serving amazing food and drinks. This series profiles Charleston's "Hidden F&Bs."


Now the couple behind Beve Bene Brewing is hoping to convert the Holy City.


If you’ve never tried hard kombucha, Marissa and Clay Carlisle ofBevi Bene Brewingare out to change that. Clay started brewing it, and Marissa, fresh off a pregnancy, started drinking it because -- exhausted or not -- an infant won’t wait. She found that the hard kombucha was lower in alcohol and didn’t leave her with that full, woozy feeling that wine or beer did. Now the couple behind Bevi Bene Brewing is hoping to convert the Holy City.


Marissa & Clay’s take


In my refrigerator (three things)

Marissa: Provolone, Parmesan and eggs. We probably go through a dozen eggs every other day with the kids!


In my pantry (three things)

Clay: Canned sauce, breadcrumbs, granola bars for the kids.


Comfort food

Marissa: Donuts, always.

Clay: Pasta, homemade by Marissa.


Favorite smell

Marissa: Almond.

Clay: Lemon or orange, some kind of citrus.


Favorite drink

Marissa: Hard kombucha, but I’ve gotten pickier about it. I love the pineapple-hibiscus Clay makes!

Clay: Cold brew with oat milk, or a good Pilsner or hard kombucha.


Best advice a mentor gave you

Clay: It was my grandfather, who passed when I was 10. He told me to never go to bed angry.

Marissa: It was either my mother, who said know your strengths, or it was Molly Fienning of Red Clay Hot Sauce (Hidden F&B Charleston, Ep. 45) who said every day, do three things toward your goal.


What’s next

Clay: We’re getting more into canning, so hopefully you’ll see some hard kombucha in a grocery near you soon!


To learn more about Bevi Bene Brewing, where you’ll find Marissa and Clay Carlisle, check out this month'sCharleston Grit-sponsored episode of the Hidden F&B podcastfeaturing them now. For national episodes uncovering hidden heroes beyond Charleston, visithelenmitternight.com.