Hidden F&B: Sara Gail

This month's guest on our Hidden F&B podcast episode talks about the launch of her business.
Sara Gail


By Helen Mitternight


Before she knew it, she had a business on her hands and RD Naturals was born.


Sara Gail, a registered dietician, started making elderberry syrup in her kitchen, but then neighbors started asking for more and more as cold and flu season hit. For those who don’t know, elderberry has proven to be an effective anti-viral, and neighbors were scooping up the sweet syrup. Before she knew it, she had a business on her hands andRD Naturalswas born.


Sara’s take


In my refrigerator (three things)

Eggs – I love eggs from local farmers. Vegetables, and I have to have kombucha.


Comfort food

Popcorn. Sometimes I swap it out for dinner!


Favorite smell

Brewing coffee.


Favorite drink

It’s a tie between kombucha and coffee. If we’re talking alcohol, I love me a Guinness.


Number of hours you work a week

All of them!


Best advice a mentor gave you

Ignore the competition and just do your own thing and stay the course!


Tune into Sara on theCharleston Grit episode of the Hidden F&B podcast now.


Sara Gail


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