We Are Family's Queer Youth Prom

We Are Family Charleston Queer Youth Prom


Get ready to journey into outer space and land in a majestic garden that is out of this world at this year's Charleston Queer Youth Prom!


After two years of getting our spaceship ready, We Are Family is excited to blast off into outer space and return with the Charleston Queer Youth Prom on April 30th from 6pm-10pm at the Union Station (652A King St, Charleston, SC 29403).


The Charleston Queer Prom IS that one magical night of the year for middle and highschool students to dance, celebrate, and build community free from anti-LGBTQI+ discrimination. The event is presented byWe Are Family,South Carolina’s oldest LGBTQI+ youth serving organization.


LGBTQI+ visibility remains underrepresented in our schools and examples of freedom of expression of love and identity remain few and far between.


Why Queer Prom? For LGBTQI+ Middle/High schoolers, prom can present an incredibly repressive hurdle in young people's journey toward self-discovery. LGBTQI+ visibility remains underrepresented in our schools and examples of freedom of expression of love and identity remain few and far between. Young people are often expected to uphold heteronormative standards regardless of their own sexual orientation or gender identity when attending their school prom. Queer Prom creates space for queer liberation, exploration, and affirmation among LGBTQI+ youth.


Know before you go:


  • This year’s Queer Youth Prom theme is "A Garden in Outer Space."
  • This event is open to ALL current middle and high school students as well as homeschooled students. Straight allies are welcome to attend!
  • Attendees can bring whomever they want as long as they are also currently enrolled in middle or high school.
  • Attendees can come dressed in their prom best, cosplay, on theme, or even in jeans and a nice shirt. There is no dresscode at this prom!
  • Every attendee MUST have their own ticket along with proof of school enrollment. For the safety of all attendees, the proof of school enrollment must have the name of the person and MUST match their name on the ticket. This information will not be shared puiblicly and attendees will have the opportunity to make a name tag with their chosen name if they wish. Examples of proof of school enrollment can be copies or photos of a school ID, report cards, or even a letter from a teacher. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us.
  • The event is FREE thanks to our sponsors who helped make this event possible.
  • There will be security on site for the safety of attendees.
  • By attending this event, you agree to We Are Family's Coivd-19 Liability Waiver.


Save time on prom day and get your FREE ticket TODAY!


For further information or for FAQ's about The Charleston Queer Prom, visitwaf.org/chsqueerprom.Contact us at info@waf.org or (843) 637-9379.