Dining Out For Life Anticipates its 7th Year of Success in Charleston

Dining Out For Life Anticipates its 7th Year of Success in Charleston

A Talk with Topher Larkin, the man behind Dining Out For Life Charleston!

On Thursday, April 27th, Charleston’s finest restaurants, food trucks, and bars will donate a percentage of their sales to help with the fight against HIV/AIDS in Charleston.  

I sat down with Topher Larkin, the Community Outreach & Prevention Specialist, to discuss the elements of this year’s upcoming event that he is particularly excited about.  

The proceeds will go directly to the Ryan White Wellness Center at Roper St. Francis in participation with Dining Out For Life.  This will be the event’s 7th year of success in the Lowcountry.  Dining Out For Life is a national project and an excellent way for our community to stay connected with a nation-wide support system for the treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS.  Topher mentioned that when he goes to other cities he likes to check out which restaurants choose to support Dining Out For Life because making the choice to get involved gives him incentive to support the local business wherever it may be.  For more details about Dining Out For Life in other locations and how it works, visit this hyperlink: https://www.diningoutforlife.com/about/

He has been focused on the events for Ryan White Wellness Center at Roper St. Francis for over a year now.  Topher explained that this year Chucktown is getting a special treat as Subaru of America has selected Charleston as the city to highlight during the week of Dining Out For Life.  

They will be sending their DOFL Ambassador Pam Grier to tour and eat her way through the Holy City.  

It is a great honor to have been selected to receive Pam Grier as an Ambassador.  Topher noted that her presence is going to make this year’s Dining Out For Life even more vibrant than it has been in previous years.  


Additionally, the community parties will feature raffles where participants have the opportunity to win a two-day trip to Asheville, NC!  Topher noted that these components of this year’s Dining Out For Life in Charleston are new and exciting.

 It is difficult for Charlestonian’s to tackle the daunting task of exploring all the tastes of culinary success that flourish in the Holy City.  Topher and his work with Dining Out For Life make it possible for our community to pursue the enjoyment of the delicious cuisine Charleston as to offer while showing support for the fight against HIV/AIDS.  If you're curious to see which local restaurants have chosen to participate in Dining Out For Life, visit this hyperlink: 


The presence of HIV/AIDS is not openly or widely acknowledged, but Topher pointed out that these illnesses are still very relevant issues in our community.  Support for the fight HIV/AIDS is very important to the community.  If you’re ever wondering what you can do to help, here is your answer—Dining Out For Life!  Please join us in working together with local restaurants to support this local cause, especially at the Official Afterparty sponsored by Charleston Grit at Kingdom from 8-11pm on April 27.