John F. Abess

Who am I ? Let me see... I'm still thinking about it!

"On Duty", I am a board certified psychiatrist and wear a tie to work. And, indeed, it is a privilege to be a psychiatrist. It allows me privy to the inner-most thoughts, secrets and feelings of thousands of people - the working class to the elite - the athletic to the dying - to all genders, orientations and marital/living situations. This cross culture of lives and experiences continuously stretches my own boundaries. Life is truly an adventure and mystery.

Charleston, S.C. is my beloved city where I have worked and lived for many years. My websites, writings, and professional work are the vehicles through which I attempt to share experiences, identify worthy values, and provide emotional support and assistance. Life is meant to be shared. Let's enjoy sharing aspects of our human nature as we travel together through this adventure of life.