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Bryce Donovan

BY: E. Louise
What do men REALLY want? I've got an all-star (sort of...) panel of dads to tell you—hilarious answers, and some useful ones too (hints: beer, music, homemade stuff, beer, done)
BY: Bryce Donovan
Now if I could just get them to make a pizza that tells me who the dad is....
BY: Instant Grit
Okay, we don't know if it's uncut, exactly, or even what that means, but it usually implies what you're about to see is mildly offensive—here’s the hilarious Grit blogger at Pecha Kucha 17
BY: Instant Grit
Here they are: The Second Quarter, 2012 Gritty Award winners
BY: Bryce Donovan
Could Barbie and The Missing F be coming to the Lowcountry in the near future? Read this, "The Bachelorette" finale recap to find out (there are absolutely no answers to that question)...
BY: Bryce Donovan
So a middle-aged married guy walks into a bar and ...
BY: Bryce Donovan
Apparently, my son's new motto is: "Porn in the U.S.A...."
BY: Bryce Donovan
Oscar buzz (mainly in the Donovan household) is already surrounding this new flick starring a young boy and his fascination with nature
BY: Bryce Donovan
Ben there, hit that
BY: Bryce Donovan
Installment 10 of 11 in the Ben Flajnik Trainwreck series
BY: Bryce Donovan
There are a zillion reasons I married my wife. She’s funny, smart, attractive, fiery, stubborn, a hell of a dancer. Athletic? Eh, not so much.



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